It is our endeavour to enable a
Brand to sell its product to the widest target audience available, no matter how remote the location; It is simultaneously also our mission to offer all the people, regardless of where they are situated, access to whatever products they choose. For both, Brands as well as their customers, our Mission is to eliminate the factor of distance.

To engage in our business in
such a way that we provide increasing value and benefit to every person, entity and organization that we come into contact with. To endeavour to exceed every required norm of performance, stated or unstated.

To offer the highest quality
marketing services, tailor-made to the needs of the most exacting clients and customers in the realm of Trade. To then provide complete solutions for any needs that may arise, to anticipate these needs and to provide value to all our stakeholders through what we do and how we do it.

We're a company that transcends basic distribution or logistics. Our Nation-wide reach covers metropoles, cities and villages, permeating through to all type of stores, large or small. Over the past few decades, we've helped renowned brands access every remote corner of the Country, through our people and our networked presence.

We're a force to reckon with in the digital space too, having tied up with, the world's largest e-commerce company. We're an acknowledged giant in the fashion space, dealing with MNC brands, and even launching our own brands, Tigon and Julius Marcus.

We don't just bring product to people. We bring consumers in touch with the world.

Welcome to JSK.

We didn’t start out as a company.

Simply put, it was an effort to provide value to the country at large, by enabling every person to procure the products they desired, in the time frame they wanted, regardless of where they might be. The business category this falls into is termed distribution, but the reality is far, far more.

The late Mr. K. K. Jiwarajka, Chairman Emeritus, believed that “Success often comes to those who have the aptitude to see way down the road.” His experience in manufacturing, services and the marketing and distribution of electronics, FMCG, telecommunication, household appliances etc, stood him in good stead as he gradually expanded from dealing in a few products to a diverse and value driven Company. His experience of the markets of Japan, Korea, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Canada also contributed to building the Company to the National Leader status it enjoys today.

A thought leader, he also served as a Director on the board of Panasonic Carbon Co. Ltd, while spearheading JSK and it is his Vision, efforts, tenacity and belief that have resulted in the genuine value creation we see now, not just within the country, but beyond its borders too. We often wonder, just how far was Mr. Jiwarajka able to see?

Mr. Kunal, Jiwarajka, Managing Director, a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering &

Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley, USA, brings a global perspective to the Company, in terms of both, international experience as well as experience in unrelated fields.

He started his career at Bain & Company, one of the world's top management consulting firms, at San Francisco office. Eager for exposure and knowledge, he took on varying projects in a bid to help him get a broader perspective on business in its totality.

He joined JSK as Executive Director in 2007, and has since then has headed most of the company's new ventures, starting with diversifying into the consumer electronics fields to tie-ups with companies such as Amazon, Canon, Sanyo, Olympus and Tamron.

His vision for JSK is to transform the company into a unique marketing and distribution machine for any product. A machine that reaches every nook and cranny of the marketplace, from Institutional buyers and large stores in the metro cities, all the way down to small stores and shops in villages.

Our pan-Indian presence of 17 branches and a sales force 600 people strong

give us direct access to over 2,50,000 retail outlets, ensuring that no part of the country lies beyond our reach. But what makes our distribution system unique?

Part of the answer is our network that is expansive and focused at the same time. For instance; we have direct access to villages with populations as low as 10,000! We also, obviously, have contacts with all the million-square-foot-malls in the major metro cities of the country. We are wherever the customer is. Even at home. Yes, we’re digital too, so Amazon, et al, number in our list of partners.

Another contributor to our success is our experience in all aspects of products. From shoes to batteries; from luggage to apparel, we run the gamut of all products under the sun.

From the entrant of a Global brand into a new market to launching a new version of an extant product, we understand that any distribution strategy is only as successful as the knowledge base it stands on. That’s where we come in. To avoid incorrect strategies and plans, we offer comprehensive and in-depth research-based data to ensure that every resource that is being spent is channelled in the right direction. Our research methodology guides you in:

• Evaluating potential markets
• Identifying Key players in these markets
• Understanding Total market size
• Distribution strategy of the key players
• Collecting information on historic growth rates
• Garnering opinions about future market trends

But that’s just half the story. Sample data only provides you a rough idea, which gives you a rough direction. JSK’s access to over 2,50,000 retail outlets means that not only do you get cross-sectional data, you also get in-depth data about whatever topic you are most focused on. For example, you don’t just get an opinion that prices for a particular product will rise over the next few months. We’ll tell you how many of the 2,50,000 predict that rise. When the expect it, even how much they expect it to be, jointly or individually... It’s not just data. It’s like having the laws of the marketplace work for you!

OEM partnering today, is a vital component of the Distribution mix. But it’s not just about transferring goods. It’s about using our unique expertise and know-how to get you more out of your association with us.

We help you with the kind of communication you’ll need with the Retail outlets. We push new products through on the sheer power of our Name. We help you with the nuances that each separate part of India thrives on, so you understand your customers better. Heck, we’ll even help you understand each other better!

For cross promotion we've created a variety of programs to support and enable our clients to get associated with other MNCs creating the right juxtaposition of products and schemes to facilitate greater overall reach for all concerned. An example would be P&G collaborating with Nippo batteries for one of their shampoo brands.
Partnering doesn’t mean working with you; to us it means working for you.

Diversity. Range. Variety. At JSK, our aim is to provide a means of movement for any and every product one can think of. That is why we have a plethora of products and an assortment of MNCs who refuse to work with other distributors. It’s not just that we know how to move your product. We have a few of our own, too. We know what we can do and what we do well, so we try not to put a limit on things. It’s also a point in our favour...
We’re literally putting our money where our mouth is.